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Legal Services & Representation

Through the HOAG Firm and other FPR lawyers, we offer real-world, goal-directed, client-driven representation for a wide variety of legal issues. We also provide mediation and arbitration services for disputes of any nature.


The F.I.R.S.T. Method®

This 2-day Workshop, boasting thousands of satisfied graduates, teaches a unique, trademarked approach to critical communications giving each participant specific tools enabling them to achieve their goals 100% of the time . . . a career/life changing experience for anyone who wants to move to their next level of success, professionally or personally.


CAT Goals & Accountability System™

The CAT (Critical Action Team) management development tool is a peer-driven methodology for creating accountability within projects, teams, departments, and organizations of any size.


Consulting/Executive Coaching/Mentoring

Full spectrum business advisory services including 1 on 1 executive coaching/mentoring, group facilitation, planning and goal setting, organizational problem-solving, professional management training and organizational development.

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Keynote Speaking

Our CEO and president, Richard Hoag has over 25 years experience and has been a featured speaker representing numerous diverse topics based on his experience as a successful entrepreneur, lawyer, and executive coach/trainer. He has developed a number of unique, insightful, and practical approaches to the business and personal interactions that define and sustain excellence in communication, sales, negotiation, and management.

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